Matt Hogan believes Biden’s decree will drive Bitcoin up

22.03.2022 09:17
by Artem Ustinov
1 min read

The investment director of Bitwise Asset Management Matt Hogan is confident that Biden’s decree on cryptocurrency regulation will have a positive impact on Bitcoin price.

Hogan believes that the strict regulation of the cryptocurrency industry does not allow it to become globally popular. Regulators should also promote digital assets among potential investors, but this is not happening either.

The businessman noted that blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies affect the lives of a limited number of people. But he also believes this may change shortly. The head of Bitwise sees the prerequisites for the rapid growth of Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market, which will begin this year and continue next year.


  • Crypto analyst and practitioner trader with the law and managerial education. Active investor and crypto enthusiast. Worked as an analyst and copywriter in a brokerage company. Accompanied by DAO and NFT projects of different levels of complexity.

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