UK Citizen’s Unusual Attempt to Recover $176 Worth of Bitcoin

02.08.2022 11:29
by Aleksandar Đurić
1 min read

In 2013, a UK citizen James Howells threw away a hard drive with 8,000 Bitcoin on it into a landfill somewhere in Newport, Wales. He did this by accident. Now, he wants his $176 million worth of crypto back.

James Howells

For that goal, Howells made a deal with two unidentified investors, worth $11 million. A part of the budget will be used to acquire two Spot robot dogs, made by Boston Dynamic. The dogs, named Satoshi (after Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym for the individual(s) that created Bitcoin) and Hal (after Hal Finney, the first recipient of Bitcoin), will help Howells to locate the hard drive somewhere in the landfill.

There’s only one problem – Howells can’t actually get into the landfill. According to the authorities, he would present a significant environmental risk if allowed to enter.

Fingers crossed that Howells’ story receives a happy ending. Will we be seeing a movie about one crypto trader’s desperate attempt to rectify past sins? It seems all the ingredients are there.


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