NFT Marketplace Aggregator Genie Acquired by Uniswap

22.06.2022 16:37
by Aleksandar Đurić
1 min read

DeFi exchange Uniswap announced the acquisition of the NFT marketplace aggregator Genie. This is part of Uniswap’s efforts to provide universal ownership and exchange on its platform.

Uniswap will now begin to integrate NFTs into its product line, starting with the Uniswap web app. Additions planned for the future include widgets and developer APIs. In August, the company will be airdropping USDC to historical Genie users, in an effort to share the value of the integration.

Genie is the first NFT marketplace aggregator, that enables users to discover, sell, and buy NFTs on various marketplaces. The option to batch buy NFTs in a single transaction can substantially reduce the cost of gas fees that users need to pay.

In 2019, Uniswap launched its previous NFT-related project, Unisocks. This was the first instance of NFT liquidity pools, backed by real-world assets. The exchange stated that they view NFTs as “an important gateway to Web3″.


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