ANZ Bank launches A$DC stablecoin based on the AUD

24.03.2022 11:40
by Artem Ustinov
1 min read

ANZ Bank launches A$DC stablecoin based on the AUD

Australian ANZ Bank announced the launch of the A$DC stablecoin based on Ethereum with an AUD ratio of 1:1. The Bank is actively cooperating with regulators AUSTRAC and APRA to ensure that the project complies with the laws.

Custodian Fireblocks provided the necessary infrastructure for the A$DC. OpenZeppelin audited the smart contract. Chainalysis signed a contract to help with regulatory compliance.

The bank plans to release A$DC stablecoin on other blockchains, including Hedera Hashgraph. A$DC became the first stablecoin to be issued fully regulated and compliant with the requirements of financial institutions.


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