Binance launched a crypto card for Ukrainian refugees

27.04.2022 09:10
by Anđelija Anđelić
1 min read

Binance launched a crypto card for Ukrainian refugees

The Binance Bitcoin exchange announced the launch of the Binance Refugee Card crypto card for users from Ukraine. The new card targets Ukrainian refugees in Europe due to Russia’s invasion.

Cardholders will be able to make transactions with cryptocurrencies and make purchases in the countries of the European Economic Area. The Binance Refugee Card will allow Ukrainians to receive assistance from Binance and other charities.

Refugees can apply for the Binance Refugee Card and receive 75 BUSD per month for three months. Crypto will be automatically converted to local currency when paying by card.

Exchange customers can use an existing Binance account or create a new account to receive the Binance Refugee Card. To do this, you need to use your home address in Ukraine. All users must complete a full KYC check.


  • Anđelija Anđelić is an Italian language and lit major, and investigative journalist with a special interest in the crypto world and tech innovations. Exploring the ways our world is changing and bringing the freshest info is her passion.

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