BNB Chain support added to Opera Crypto Browser

06.05.2022 09:10
by Anđelija Anđelić
1 min read

BNB Chain support added to Opera Crypto Browser

The Norwegian company Opera has added support for the BNB Chain blockchain to the crypto browser. Thanks to this, users gained access to the assets and decentralized applications of the network ecosystem.

The Opera team noted that BNB Chain is the largest smart contract platform with 4 million daily active users. The number of transactions per week averages 36 million, and the value of funds blocked in DeFi projects of the network exceeds $13 billion.

The ecosystem of the network includes GameFi applications (StarSharks, Thetan Arena, StarNift, SecondLive) and products for the NFT segment (Galaxy, NFTrade, Galler), the company recalled.


  • Anđelija Anđelić is an Italian language and lit major, and investigative journalist with a special interest in the crypto world and tech innovations. Exploring the ways our world is changing and bringing the freshest info is her passion.

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