$10 million lawsuit Files a Lawsuit Against User After Mistakenly Sending Her $10 Million

31.08.2022 09:28
by Srđan Jovanović
1 min read

After having sent $10.5 million to a user by mistake, is now suing that user for not reporting the mistake and going on a shopping spree.

In May 2021, Thevamanogari Manivel asked for a $100 refund from the Singapore-based crypto exchange. Instead, she received a lot more money. noticed the mistake after an audit in December 2021. In the meantime, however, Manivel used $1.35 million of the sum to buy a luxury home, in addition to other, undisclosed purchases.

The Supreme Court in Melbourne has now ordered Manivel to return the money and the luxury home will be sold. She probably won’t be playing with karma anytime soon.


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