FC Shakhtar created an NFT collection to help Ukrainians

02.05.2022 09:25
by Anđelija Anđelić
1 min read

FC Shakhtar created an NFT collection to help Ukrainians

The Binance NFT marketplace announced the release of a collection of non-fungible tokens of the Ukrainian football club Shakhtar. The club will auction nine signed shirts as part of the Football for a Peace initiative. It starts on May 7 and will last a week.

In addition to the auctioned items, 10,000 NFT Mystery Boxes will also be available on the Binance Marketplace starting May 7th at a price of 10 BUSD each.

The proceeds will be donated to Shakhtar Social Fund and Binance Charity Relief Fund. They will be sent to provide humanitarian assistance to people who have suffered from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


  • Anđelija Anđelić is an Italian language and lit major, and investigative journalist with a special interest in the crypto world and tech innovations. Exploring the ways our world is changing and bringing the freshest info is her passion.

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