GameStop has launched a beta version of the NFT marketplace

23.03.2022 14:51
by Artem Ustinov
1 min read

GameStop has launched a beta version of the NFT marketplace

GameStop, an American retail chain selling video game consoles and computer games, has launched an NFT marketplace. The platform will be based on Loopring’s second-tier Ethereum solutions.

The protocol uses ZK-Rollups technology for scaling. Through the use of the Ethereum blockchain, transactions will be secure.

Minting NFTs on Loopring will cost less than $1 per unit. At the same time, in the basic Ethereum blockchain, the costs can be up to 100 times higher.

GameStop NFT marketplace is available in beta mode. The release date for the full version has not been announced by the company. The price of the Loopring token (LRC) jumped to $1.23 after the news was published. Growth from levels near $0.85 amounted to almost 45%.

LRC token jumped on 45%/ TradingView


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