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Hacker Awarded 400 ETH for Identifying Arbitrum Bug

22.09.2022 09:17
by Irene Pinchuk
1 min read

A white hat hacker nicknamed oxriptide has prevented a possible theft from Arbitrum. After discovering and reporting a bug in Arbitrum’s functioning that could have led to a costly exploit, the Ethereum scaling network rewarded oxriptide with 400 ETH (some $530,000).

Fortunately for both him and Arbitrum, oxriptide decided to investigate possible vulnerabilities following the network’s Nitro update, which occurred on August 31. He found that the bridge between Ethereum and Arbitrum, used for rolling up, contained a bug that would have allowed attackers to pocket all funds flowing between the two networks.

Between August 31 and the time oxriptide reported the bug, $534 million worth of ETH was moved, which could have fallen into the hands of attackers.

This continues the trend of Arbitrum being the star of good news for the company. Yesterday, we wrote about OpenSea adding Arbitrum to the list of its supported networks.


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