KuCoin launches $100M fund for NFT creators

20.04.2022 09:25
by Artem Ustinov
1 min read

KuCoin launches $100M fund for NFT creators

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has announced the launch of the $100 million Creators Fund to fund NFT startups.

The fund was created jointly with the Windvane NFT marketplace from KuCoin and the investment arm of the KuCoin Ventures exchange.

The Creators Fund will invite 99 well-known NFT creators to join Windvane. The platform will connect NFT companies and artists with the audience of the KuCoin exchange.

The Windvane team plans to add trading for Ethereum based NFTs, BNB Chain and Flow. The marketplace will host initial sales of collections of non-fungible tokens – INO (Initial NFT Offering).


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