Mark Karpeles to Launch New UNGOX Service

Mark Karpeles to Launch New UNGOX Service

28.03.2022 16:09
by Artem Ustinov
1 min read

Mark Karpeles to Launch New UNGOX Service

CEO of not exists Mt.Gox creates UNGOX will become a rating service like Moody’s, Fitch Ratings, and Standard & Poors. It will provide ratings to crypto exchanges, their level of security, manufacturability, transparency to the potential investors.

NFTs will also be launched, providing free access to all UNGOX services. You can also get tokens for free. But only to former Mt.Gox customers who registered on the exchange from July 17, 2010, to February 25, 2014.

As for payments to victims of the Mt.Gox hack, there is no new information yet. Earlier, a Japanese court approved a rehabilitation plan for Mt.Gox users.

Bankruptcy Mt.Gox happened because of hackers attack in 2014 led to the 7% of all bitcoins that were on the market disappearing from users’ wallets.


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