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Merriam-Webster Adds Crypto Words to its Dictionary

12.09.2022 10:09
by Maksym Prykhodko
1 min read

Here’s another indicator of the rising cultural adoption of crypto. The oldest and arguably most prominent dictionary in the U.S., Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, has now added several crypto-related words to its lexicon.

The two most significant additions are “altcoin” and “metaverse”. Altcoins are defined as belonging to a group of about 20,000 cryptos that aren’t Bitcoin, i.e. all other coins on the market. And metaverse is a virtual environment where individual “virtual realities” are joined.

In addition, Merriam-Webster has added financial terms closely related to crypto. They include “unbanked” and “underbanked”, which denotes not having money in a bank or access to banking services, respectively. Another added word is “shrinkflation”, which happens when a unit is sold at the same price, while its volume is being reduced.


  • Maksym has denied the existence of crypto as an asset for 3 years when he was working with standard financial instruments. Became Head of Treasury. Won the best bank employee award and left the bank for cryptocurrency exchange the next day. Got a second university degree, but that didn’t stop him from studying finance yet. Combines fiat and crypto experience to be as objective as possible in general matters. His dream is to be interviewed by Bloomberg.

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