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Nomad Receives Over $22 Million Back from Hackers

08.08.2022 09:00
by Sviatoslav Pinchuk
1 min read

After a last-week hackers’ attack on Nomad worth $192 million, the crypto bridge now has in its possession $22.4 million of that sum once again.

It seems that Nomad’s tactic of cooperating with “white hat” hackers is working out. Namely, Nomad promised that all hackers who return at least 90% percent of the respective stolen amount will not be prosecuted, and will receive 10% of the amount they stole. Since the promise, the funds are slowly being returned.

ETH, USDC, DAI, WBTC, and CQT tokens were stolen in the attack. Nomad has since received some $400,000 worth of ETH and $21.9 million in other tokens.

Crypto bridges enable traders to transfer assets between different blockchains. Due to them being a relatively new innovation in the world of decentralized finance, they are vulnerable to hacker exploits. In this case, the attackers took advantage of a configuration bug tied to a smart contract, that Nomad relies on for message processing.




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