OKCoin announced the launch of an NFT marketplace

22.04.2022 12:18
by Artem Ustinov
1 min read

OKCoin announced the launch of an NFT marketplace

Cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin has opened a waiting list for a non-fungible token platform for 2022. OKCoin indicated the absence of transaction fees on the marketplace. Collectors will only pay for gas.

The platform will support assets on the Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain networks and on the OKX exchange blockchain. Users will be able to connect third-party wallets like MetaMask.

According to the announcement, the site will feature NFTs from popular collections such as Bored Apes, World of Women, Boss Beauties, and CryptoPunks.

OKCoin intends to release its own series of collectible tokens. The exchange will provide asset holders with privileges, participation in airdrops and NFTs.


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