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Stack Crypto App Aimed at Teens Released

09.09.2022 10:09
by Irene Pinchuk
1 min read

Teens can now use a specialized crypto app, Stack, for the purpose of learning the basics of crypto trading and hodling. Apart from being an educational resource, Stack comes with its own crypto exchange and the option to trade with seven different cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ether, and Cardano.

According to Stack’s representative, the app is aimed at members of Generation Z. It provides a more reliable crypto education than social media platforms, such as Reddit or TikTok, that teens normally use for this purpose.

While offering guides and trading, Stack doesn’t charge trading fees, but has a $3 monthly subscription model. In order to eliminate fraud, teens cannot transfer their assets outside of the app.

Stack features a set of parental control options. It allows parents the ownership of their kids’ crypto assets until the time they’ve turned 18. The app is available for users older than 13, on Android and iOS systems.


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