Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork Delayed Until Late July

22.06.2022 16:19
by Srđan Jovanović
2 min read

IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong), the developers behind the Cardano network, announced that they will be delaying the long-awaited Vasil upgrade for the last week of July. Before the change, the plan was for the upgrade to go through on June 29.

Nigel Hemsley is IOHK’s head of project and delivery. Hemsley noted that Vasil is “the most complex program of development and integration to date” on the Cardano network. “It’s a challenging process that requires not only significant work from core teams, but also close coordination across the ecosystem,” he added.

The new plan is to send the Vasil hard fork to the Cardano testnet on June 29. After the testnet is hard forked, developers working on Cardano-based stake pool operators (SPOs) and decentralized apps (dApps) will have roughly one month to complete any required testing and integration work.

Once the developers have integrated Vasil, the new hard fork should reduce the size of transactions on the Cardano network. This will lead to increased throughput and lower transaction fees on the platform. The Vasil hard fork will be Cardano’s most significant upgrade since the Alonzo hard fork launched last September. The Alonzo upgrade introduced smart contracts to the Cardano network.


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