Invesco Launches a $30 Million Metaverse Fund

23.08.2022 09:58
by Sviatoslav Pinchuk
1 min read

As investments in the metaverse sector continue, Invesco has now launched a $30 million fund aimed at developing metaverse projects and tech.

This global asset management firm is working with various companies from all over the world. Its fund, the Invesco Metaverse Fund, will invest in promising firms of all sizes, although there are no solid details on the companies involved just yet.

The funds will be invested in seven key areas, including metaverse hardware, artificial intelligence, and blockchain solutions. These areas and companies are organized according to the Metaverse Value Chain, which encompasses many interrelated sectors within the metaverse.

This is Invesco’s latest step outside of the bounds of traditional finance. In 2019, the company launched a blockchain ETF (exchange-traded fund) on the London stock exchange; and in 2021, it launched an ETP (exchange-traded product) backed by physical Bitcoin, in partnership with CoinShares.


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