Mastercard and Fasset to Help Crypto Adoption in Indonesia

14.07.2022 10:28
by Maksym Prykhodko
1 min read

The financial services giant, Mastercard, is now in partnership with the cryptocurrency gateway company, Fasset. The aim of the partnership is to help the adoption of crypto in Indonesia and the country’s overall economical advancement.

According to Fasset’s representative, there are currently 92 million of unbanked people in Indonesia. We still don’t have any concrete information about what the partnership will precisely do. However, it should provide those people with more opportunities for different financial services.

Moreover, Fasset’s representative stated that crypto-related development in countries such as Indonesia will have a positive effect on the adoption of crypto all over the world. This is because other nations are likely to follow Indonesia and other countries’ examples.

This news is part of Mastercard’s general Web3 adoption strategy. The company already allows users to buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with fiat currency, instead of having to buy them with crypto.


  • Maksym has denied the existence of crypto as an asset for 3 years when he was working with standard financial instruments. Became Head of Treasury. Won the best bank employee award and left the bank for cryptocurrency exchange the next day. Got a second university degree, but that didn’t stop him from studying finance yet. Combines fiat and crypto experience to be as objective as possible in general matters. His dream is to be interviewed by Bloomberg.

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