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Metaverse is going to get the first play-to-earn drone racing game, betting for favourites is possible

12.01.2022 08:15
by Nina Petrov
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In the first virtual drone racing game, the players will participate in digital DRL drones races and will be paid for their achievements in crypto and NFTs. The representatives stated that there are many more details for the gaming community to decide on in the following months, including the preferable gaming style.

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The game is being built by a joint venture between Playground Labs, a Web 3 game developer and Hivemind Capital Partners affiliate, and Drone Racing League. The gaming system will be running on the Algorand blockchain.

For now, there aren’t many more details revealed. DRL is already known in gaming circles for its hybrid gaming projects. The League has been organizing both physical drone races and simulated contests since 2015. This recent collaboration with Playground Labs comes only several months after the League revealed a deal with Algorand, worth $100 million. 

Additionally, as it is trying to beat the competition and be the industry trendsetter, DRL will enable drone betting on the platform. Once the game launches, the company’s vision is to make it the first virtual sports people can bet on.

Aspiring to be pioneers in many aspects of virtual gaming, DRL believes that blockchain technology is going to be the source of innovation for their newest project in the following years.

Algorand, a promising blockchain infrastructure that is at the core of the future drone racing game, was created by MIT professor Silvio Micali in 2017. The idea was to make an infrastructure that would be able to sustain high volumes of transactions, allowing everyone to join the digital economy. Micali claims that his Pure proof-of-stake protocol resolves the so-called Blockchain trilemma, and incorporates scalability, security, and decentralization at the same time.

The company was the principal sponsor of DRL’s Vegas championship race that took place in Las Vegas several days ago. The event gathered tech innovators and many children and teenagers, sharing a passion for drone racing and gaming. This year, the winner was 18-year-old Evan Turner, the youngest champion in the history of this competition.

Play-to-earn (a.k.a. P2E or GameFi) is the meeting point between the crypto and gaming industries. The players acquire crypto assets for playing, and while the games run on the blockchain, the players are also owners of the virtual components of the game. The crypto and drone market worth surpasses $2 trillion, as the markets serve the emerging population of young “tech-setters”, particularly passionate about immersive sports.


  • Nina Petrov is a theoretical mathematician, passionate about new trends in the global economy and blockchain technology. She is a devoted content creator and editor, crypto-enthusiast and stock market analyst.

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