New MetaMask Tool Could Help You Get it Back Stolen Crypto

27.05.2022 08:12
by Nina Petrov
1 min read

If someone steals your credit card or goes on a shopping spree with your debit card, there’s a good chance Visa or your bank will reverse the charges and help you untangle the mess. But for fraud victims in the crypto realm, the experience is very different.

“If you lose your crypto, it’s a very humbling and lonely experience. And the amount of people who get scammed twice is huge,” says Aidan Larkin, CEO of investigation firm Asset Reality, who notes that victims are often preyed on a second time when they seek help getting their crypto back.

That’s why Larkin’s company is partnering with leading crypto wallet MetaMask on a new service that could make the process of seeking help less miserable. And it could also improve the chances of victims getting their crypto back.


  • Nina Petrov is a theoretical mathematician, passionate about new trends in the global economy and blockchain technology. She is a devoted content creator and editor, crypto-enthusiast and stock market analyst.

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