Polygon Scaling Solution Reports a 400% Growth

11.08.2022 09:44
by Gabriel Cross
1 min read

Amidst the yet ongoing crypto winter, Polygon keeps growing. The Ethereum-scaling solution has reported having 37,000 DApps hosted on its platform, including both the testnet and mainnet. When compared to early 2022, this is a 400% increase.

Polygon attributes this success to its partnership with Alchemy, a Web3 development firm. Alchemy’s infrastructure, including application programming interfaces (APIs), made it possible for developers to create DApps in a much easier manner.

Currently, such prominent projects as OpenSea, Decentraland, and AAVE have their DApps hosted on Polygon. For some more statistics, the monthly number of teams on Polygon is up to 11,800, which is a 47.5% increase since March. So far, there have been 142 million users and 1.6 billion transactions on the platform.

The value of Polygon’s native token, MATIC, rose by some 66% over the past month. According to CoinMarketCap, its current price is $0.93.


  • Gabriel Cross used to be a bank officer for an international bank for many years. From this point of view, he says the time spent obtaining a degree in economics was a waste of time. A few years back, he decided to quit his job and start trading. He is obsessed with decentralized finance, but he often plays with the stock market, investing with great pleasure into ground-breaking tech solution startups.

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