University of Tokyo Beginning to Offer Metaverse Courses

25.07.2022 11:34
by Srđan Jovanović
1 min read

The University of Tokyo will soon begin to offer a variety of courses happening in the Metaverse. The goal behind the new Metaverse study programs is to create skilled personnel for the emerging digital technologies.

While cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens were not specifically mentioned, these topics are highly likely to be part of the new courses. The program will be available for people ranging from high school students to adult workers in the industry.

The University of Tokyo’s representative has stated that Metaverse is an ideal environment where anyone can attend the courses, “regardless of age, gender, or social standing”. The lack of female engineers working on the Metaverse tech is highlighted as an especially important issue, that these courses will seek to address.

This comes after the news of a notable Metaverse use case in Japan. Namely, a collective called JACFA has created a virtual support room on the SecondLife platform. It aims to reintegrate reclusive people, the so-called Hikkikomori, back into society. In Japan, this is currently a major social issue, that JACFA is helping to combat.


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