75% of Marathon’s Mining Capability is Offline

29.06.2022 15:55
by Srđan Jovanović
2 min read

The Bitcoin mining company, Marathon Digital Holdings, revealed that it has been functioning without 75% of its mining capability since June 10. This is the result of a severe storm that then hit Montana. The storm damaged the power generating facility in the town of Hardin, which supplies the mining company with power.

Some 30,000 mining devices have been out of function since the storm hit. Luckily, the majority of miners were not materially damaged.

The entire Marathon facility will remain without power until the damaged BeoWulf Energy power generating facility is repaired. The first week of July is the earliest time when Marathon could begin mining again at a reduced capacity.

Marathon’s remaining hashing power is now used to contribute to external mining pools. According to Marathon’s CEO Fred Thiel, “Marathon has pointed its remaining active miners, representing approximately 0.6 EH/s, away from the Company’s mining pool, MaraPool, and towards a third-party mining pool in order to increase the probability of earning Bitcoin.”

EH/s (exahash per second) is the amount of hashpower that miners contribute every second in order to secure the network. Throughout May, Marathon’s 36,830 active miners contributed around 3.9 EH/s.

Marathon has also installed 19,000 mining devices in facilities in Texas. After the storm hit, the mining company is “evaluating the possibility of expediting the move of its miners from Montana to new hosting locations”. This could indicate a faster deployment to the facilities in Texas.


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