Crypto mining company Poolin pauses withdrawals

Crypto Mining Company Poolin Pauses User Withdrawals

06.09.2022 10:09
by Sviatoslav Pinchuk
1 min read

Crypto mining firm, Poolin, has temporarily halted BTC and ETH withdrawals from its wallet. The company cites liquidity issues concerning its mining pool as the reason behind the pause.

There is still no definitive info on when the withdrawals will be resumed. However, Poolin’s support page states that this should happen within the next two weeks.

The crypto miner is assuring users that their assets will remain safe. In addition, coins apart from BTC and ETH are not affected.

Poolin, a China-based company, is the fourth biggest miner when it comes to the percentage of mined Bitcoin blocks over the past year – 10.8%, according to Regardless, the crypto winter is harsh, even for well-performing companies. Poolin is just another crypto firm that has recently halted user withdrawals.


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