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Tarantino to Mint NFTs from “Pulp Fiction” Screenplay Despite Historical Lawsuit With Miramax

12.01.2022 08:23
by Nina Petrov
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Although it might sound surprising that “Pulp Fiction”, a movie from 1994, could possibly have something to do with crypto, this is actually true. 

When Quentin Tarantino, the world’s famous movie director, announced that he plans to use his copyright for the “Pulp Fiction” screenplay to sell NFTs, the official owner of the movie, Miramax studio, announced a copyright infringement lawsuit to prevent such monetization.

Tarantino’s reply was that he intends to continue with his plan, regardless of the lawsuit. On his website, it was explained that the NFTs will be linked to the scans of the original, manually written “Pulp Fiction” script. There will be seven “chapters” with bonus scenes and corresponding NFTs that will be discharged from mid-January until the end of the month.

Thus, those NFTs are considered rare and valuable, and the person who decides to buy them will have a choice to keep the information for themselves or share it publicly.

Pulp Fiction poster
Pulp Fiction Movie Poster

As blockchain technology sneaks into the entertainment industry and arts, one of the major dilemmas with the existing copyright laws is which elements of a piece of art can be minted and how. Therefore, the Miramax-Tarantino dispute is historical, because it is the first of its kind, pointing out the need to adjust and extend the copyright laws to modern technology and trends within the industry. Since the case is probably only an introduction to new cases in the future, the authorities will have to cover the legislation gap to prevent misuses and fraud.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to predict the outcome of this lawsuit because it takes part in the legal grey zone between Web 2 and Web 3 copyright laws. While Miramax does hold distribution rights to video materials, making NFTs out of its screenplay and Tarantino’s voiceover shouldn’t be a breach of contract, because Tarantino kept the rights to the screenplay. 

In any case, Miramax obviously wishes to prevent Tarantino from profiting where the company isn’t able to.

What additionally complicates the situation, is the fact that NFTs are essentially encrypted, so only the owners have access to their content. Therefore, it could be hard to prove what Tarantino actually is selling.

Miramax spokesperson said that Tarantino’s team submitted only an answer to the company’s complaint, no countersuit. The conference in court has been rescheduled for February. 


  • Nina Petrov is a theoretical mathematician, passionate about new trends in the global economy and blockchain technology. She is a devoted content creator and editor, crypto-enthusiast and stock market analyst.

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