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While Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency, it is far from the only one, due to the existence of alt crypto. But what is an alt coin? In short, altcoins are all coins that originated following the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, including Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and many, many others – according to some estimates, there are more than 1400 altcoins you can trade with or use for other purposes.

Altcoins use the same underlying blockchain technology as Bitcoin while running on their own individual blockchain networks. Still, they vary greatly in many relevant factors, including mining characteristics, block size, transaction fees and speed, and even the coin’s purpose. Therefore, while categorized under the same umbrella term, it’s best to analyze and approach each altcoin on its own terms.

Without those differences, the crypto industry wouldn’t be what it is today — not only a sprawling trader’s market with many coins to invest in, but also the breeding ground for new ideas and use cases involving Bitcoin and unique altcoins.

TradeCrypto brings all the latest Altcoin News worth sharing. And for guides and other informative articles, feel free to check out our Altcoin Academy.

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Tether launches euro and gold-pegged stablecoins
Altcoin NewsTether
Tether launches euro and gold-pegged stablecoins

USDT stablecoin issuer Tether has announced plans to launch Tether Euro and Tether Gold on December 8. Both stablecoins are available to customers on the crypto exchange, Huobi. Tether Gold (XAUT) and Euro Tether (EURT) represent ownership of real gold and euro-pegged tokens, respectively. EURT and XAUT deposits are now live on Huobi: The EURT, XAUT spot trading […]

06.12.2022 13:272 min read
Metaverse and NFT coins surge in price
Altcoin News
Metaverse and NFT coins surge in price

Metaverse and NFT-related cryptocurrencies Axie Infinity (AXS), ApeCoin (APE), Flow (FLOW), and Sandbox (SAND) are skyrocketing amid gradual overall market recovery. AXS, the native token of the blockchain game Axie Infinity, stands out at 21.07% gain in 24 hours, making it at the top 1 of the Gainers And Losers chart among all cryptocurrencies, according […]

05.12.2022 12:182 min read
Lebanon Tether
Altcoin News
Tether helps Lebanese survive the economic crisis

According to the World Bank, Lebanon is currently under an extreme economic crisis, one of the largest since 1850 worldwide. The United Nations stated that about 78% of the Lebanese population is below the poverty line. After the October 17 Revolution the pandemic followed, banks first shut down, then reopened again, offering much lower exchange […]

07.11.2022 11:102 min read
DOGE value Elon Musk
Altcoin News
Value of DOGE Surges Following a Tweet by Elon Musk

It pays to have the world’s wealthiest man as a fan of your crypto. Dogecoin’s champion, Elon Musk, has again made the price of the meme-coin drastically increase. Following his Twitter acquisition, Musk tweeted the image of a Shiba Inu dog – Dogecoin’s mascot – wearing a shirt with Twitter’s logo on it. DOGE’s price […]

01.11.2022 12:132 min read
Altcoin NewsEthereum
Aptos Trading Set to Go Live—Here’s Why Traders May Be Lining Up to Short It

Aptos, a VC-backed layer-1 solution that sprang from the ashes of Meta’s bankrupt Diem project, launched its mainnet on Monday. And its native cryptocurrency, APT, is about to make its market debut. APT is the Aptos equivalent of ETH to Ethereum. The Aptos blockchain’s native token will be on sale later today on Binance, Coinbase, […]

19.10.2022 11:202 min read
Altcoin NewsEthereum
‘Solana Killer’ Aptos Launches Its Highly Anticipated Mainnet

Aptos today launched its mainnet, dubbed as the culmination of four years of technical development, as well as a $1 billion valuation.  The leading exchange, FTX, an Aptos investor, has already announced that it will list the APT token on Wednesday. Dubbed by many as a potential “Solana killer,” this is the latest high-profile attempt […]

18.10.2022 10:451 min read
Lido Arbitrum Optimism
Altcoin News
Lido Finance Launches Liquid Staking on Arbitrum and Optimism

Lido Finance has launched its staking service on layer-2 platforms, Arbitrum and Optimism. The aim of the deployment is to make Lido’s service accessible to a larger number of users and to reduce the gas fees involved. Lido Finance is offering liquid staking, the kind of Ethereum staking that allows users to withdraw the staked […]

10.10.2022 08:171 min read
SafeDAO and SAFE token
Altcoin News
SafeDAO and SAFE Token Launched

Following last month’s airdrop of 50 million SAFE tokens, Safe has now officially launched the token, as well as its SafeDAO. In July, Safe separated from the Gnosis ecosystem where it was utilized for digital assets management purposes. Now, according to the DAO’s representative, Safe has an Ethereum-based “future-ready” infrastructure, that will lead to the […]

29.09.2022 09:501 min read
Tether USDT Near
Altcoin News
Tether Launches USDT On Near Network

Tether’s USDT stablecoin is now available on the Near Network. This makes Near the eleventh blockchain, including Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon, with support for USDT. According to Tether’s representative, its stablecoin’s launch on the dApp blockchain network should further drive the company’s ongoing expansion in the world of decentralized finance. Accelerating scalability for traders and […]

13.09.2022 10:221 min read
Huobi privacy coins
Altcoin News
Huobi Delisting Privacy-Centric Coins

Huobi is removing support for seven cryptos designed to protect traders’ privacy, including Dash (DSH), Decred (DCR), Firo (FIRO), Monero (XMR), Verge (XVG), Zcash (ZEC), and Horizen (ZEN). The Seychelles-based crypto exchange has already eliminated trading with these coins. Placing a deposit will be possible until September 12, and the coins will be completely delisted […]

13.09.2022 09:101 min read
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