Trade Crypto Ethics Policy

Trade Crypto is the premier news source for the digital revolution of money in the twenty-first century. Our objective is to unite the global community of investors, innovators, and users of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and other decentralized technologies by informing, educating, and connecting them. This comprises smart experts as well as curious beginners. We serve an audience of 500.000 website visits per month, and 200,000 digest subscribers, since our founding in 2021.

Editorial independence: Trade Crypto is owned by Scale Final, a tech startup based in Cyprus. We operate independently of the parent company.

Our founders are not involved whatsoever in editorial or content decisions, and our journalists, editors, and analysts are independent of the personal opinion of the owners.

Disclosure: In the interest of transparency, all Trade Crypto articles include at the bottom a disclosure of our corporate ownership, as well as a disclaimer that all our posts are serving in order to inform our audience of current crypto trends, events, and updates, and under no circumstances cannot be understood as trading or investing advice.

Journalistic standards: Whether surfacing original material or evaluating and corroborating news from various sources, we strive for the best levels of accuracy, fairness, objectivity, and responsible reporting.

Our reporters understand that their work has the potential to damage people’s and companies’ reputations and that they must be patient and persistent when seeking feedback from the subjects of their articles. Any topic usually has at least two sides, and TradeCrypto will always seek out a varied spectrum of competent, rational viewpoints.

All factual inaccuracies in published articles will be remedied as soon as they are found, and all corrections and revisions will be noted at the bottom of the article. When an article’s fundamental premise requires a correction, the disclosure will be posted at the top and shared on social media, ensuring that the correction reaches the same audience as the initial inaccuracy.

Opinion articles are always clearly identified as such, with a design that is unique from news reports, whether produced by outside authors or staff personnel.

As a reputable media outlet, we protect the privacy of our sources when they choose to stay anonymous. Moreover, we will respect the pseudonymity of credible sources who have established reputations in the crypto community under their online handles.

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