Where to look for crypto jobs: top 5 crypto job boards
Where to look for crypto jobs

If you are looking for a job in the crypto industry, you’re most likely wondering how to find the best employment that would fit your skills. No worries, as we’ve got your back – below, you’ll find the top crypto and blockchain job sites, offering many crypto-job ads. One of these ads could easily lead to your next employer, so without further ado, let’s begin!

Crypto job boards

Skills in the crypto sphere

Skills in the crypto sphere

Despite this year’s market crash, crypto is becoming increasingly adopted and there are many new job openings. Therefore, readers with adequate skills will almost certainly be able to get a job sooner or later.

Depending on the job position, the skills required will differ (for more details, check out the section of the article on in-demand professionals below). However, what’s common for all crypto and blockchain jobs is the necessity for in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency and awareness of the latest trends. Otherwise, you can’t expect to land a job in the industry.


Crypto salaries

According to data compiled by Cryptonomist, the average salary in the crypto space amounts to $92,000 per year. When it comes to the 10% lowest-paid jobs, the average salary is $23,000, while the highest-paying jobs are netting $165,000.

Of course, crypto salaries greatly depend on the job position. However, the overall current trend is that of increasing incomes. There’s an especially high demand right now for programmers with crypto expertise, boosting the overall salary standard. Prominent crypto companies are bringing in additional employees, including MetaMask and Chainlink, as well as many crypto startups.

Professionals that crypto companies are looking for

Professionals that crypto companies are looking for

Let’s now take a look at some of the job positions that are currently in demand. Apart from the following professions, you could also be a data scientist, cybersecurity architect, or even a crypto-journalist. As a matter of fact, TradeCrypto is looking for such a journalist right now.


There are a few different positions for IT developers in the crypto industry. You could work as a developer specializing in blockchain technology, code various crypto-related applications and services, or help create websites dealing with crypto.

Depending on the exact position, you may need knowledge of cryptography, data structures, smart contracts, XML, Python, C++, or other programming languages.

Marketing specialists

Regardless of the industry, projects always need marketing. As a marketing specialist, your job would be to reach as many people as possible by designing and orchestrating a marketing campaign. You may also need to communicate with the community. Coincidentally, we are looking for a community manager at the moment.

Besides general marketing skills, you will also need knowledge of the crypto realm and a wide network of professional crypto acquaintances.


Customer support teams are quite important in such a delicate line of work, where substantial sums of money are often on the line. And you could be working in such a team.

The skills required are all soft skills and include good communicative ability, empathy, adaptation, and lots and lots of patience.

Financial & blockchain expert

As a financial expert in the blockchain field, you would work on developing the best financial and investment strategy for your company. Assessing the current financial matters, such as budgeting, and forecasting market trends and future performance, including income and expenditures, is what this job is all about.

Apart from understanding statistics, mathematics, and finance, you will also need to be aware of the relevant specificities of the cryptocurrency industry.

Project/Product managers

Project or product managers are in charge of organizing project development. Moreover, part of your job would involve communicating with the company’s clients in order to devise a project plan acceptable to both parties.

Good communication skills are a must, as well as budget management know-how and proficiency with project management tools. While you don’t have to be a crypto expert, you need at least some understanding of crypto.

Top 5 crypto job boards

Top 5 crypto job boards

And now, it’s time for our main course – the five best platforms for finding a crypto job. Of course, as each platform has its unique advantages, there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one of the platforms below.


CryptoJobs is a great place to start your search, as it is an extremely popular job board. There are new jobs posted frequently, that encompass companies of all sizes operating in different locations, with all kinds of roles to apply for.

A neat feature is that you can see the number of views each job ad has had, as well as which jobs are “trending”, so that you can know what amount of competition to expect. You can also search by location and see which ads are offering remote positions.

The only downside of CryptoJobs worth mentioning is that you can’t search for jobs based on keywords or companies.

Cryptocurrency Jobs

Unlike most other popular crypto job boards, Cryptocurrency Jobs is focused on blockchain jobs that require technical understanding and are usually posted by large enterprises.

A handy feature of this platform is that you can access a salary database, that provides information pertaining to different parts of the world (the US, Europe, etc.). In addition, Cryptocurrency Jobs offers curated lists revolving around a specific theme, for instance, Web3 or advanced-level jobs.

One disadvantage of this platform is that you can’t see which job ads are popular, as there’s no information about ad views or applications.

Crypto Jobs List

Crypto Jobs List is a well-rounded platform for finding various jobs in the industry. There are many new ads there that you can search in various ways (including whether the employer pays in crypto).

The platform also offers helpful statistics on crypto salaries, and you can check the job’s popularity based on the number of views and applications.

Crypto Jobs List isn’t perfect though, as some of the search results display a combination of both new and older job ads, which makes finding timely ads more difficult.


Another popular platform with many different job listings, PompCryptoJobs allows you to easily find ads corresponding to your desired job position, location, company, or relevant keywords.

An exceptionally user-friendly interface sets this board apart, which makes searching for jobs in many crypto areas rather convenient.

However, being a still young crypto job board, PompCryptoJobs is best used in conjunction with other boards. Relying solely on this platform could easily lead to missing out on an attractive position.


Crypto-Careers, just like Cryptocurrency Jobs, is a platform primarily aimed at blockchain developers who are looking for a job at a large-scale enterprise, such as venture capital firms.

Apart from the usual search criteria, you can also sort the ads according to the size of the company and the project’s stage and funding. In addition, you can also see which job positions are urgent to fill, which can help those readers who are looking to gain employment quickly.

The drawbacks? Just two – there is no information about ad popularity, and search results list only five ads per page, which makes the whole process more time-consuming than it needs to be.

Pros and cons of working in crypto

Pros and cons of working in crypto

The crypto industry offers well-paid job positions that are attractive to those with the right skill set. Apart from that, one advantage that working in crypto provides is that employees are usually paid with cryptocurrency, or at least have the option to accept such payments.

Why is this useful? Because your payment would simultaneously constitute an investment (unless you choose to spend the salary at once, that is), as the value of crypto could rise. Moreover, this eliminates much of the bureaucracy associated with the traditional payment method.

At the same time, being paid in crypto can also be a disadvantage. The market is dynamic and it isn’t easy to make correct prognoses about value fluctuations, leading to the loss of funds. Additionally, most employees will only pay you in Bitcoin, not in altcoins (unlike on TradeCrypto, where we also offer payment in USDT stablecoin, which solves the problem of value dropping).

Another potential con of trying to find a job in crypto is that most ads are looking for IT professionals. While all jobs we discussed are available, regardless, it’s somewhat harder to find a job in a different crypto field.

Final words

As new listings appear on a daily basis, these five crypto boards should provide you with more than enough ads to eventually find a position that will suit your needs. And in case you want to work for TradeCrypto, it’s a good idea to periodically check our dedicated page, as we might have new job openings. Either way, happy crypto job-hunting!


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