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The Crypto industry is still young and largely unlegislated. But that doesn’t mean that national lawmakers don’t find much interest in it. On the contrary, governments are increasingly looking to regulate crypto.

They establish crypto legal frameworks by updating old policies and introducing new ones. Some countries find crypto to be dangerous and standing in the way of regulated control of money, while others welcome it due to its capacity to boost economies.

Whatever the case, TradeCrypto is here to update you on all the latest policy changes and introductions. To help you stay in tune with this extremely important aspect of the industry, we also run a helpful Legal Regulations Academy section. 

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EU crypto tax
Crypto Policy News
European Parliament Votes in Favor of Crypto Tax Resolution

In voting, 566 out of 705 members of the Parliament of the European Union supported a crypto tax-related resolution, proposed by member Lídia Pereira. The resolution is not a binding one, meaning that the European Parliament only recommends that the 27 member-states introduce new crypto tax practices. These include more convenient taxation of those crypto […]

05.10.2022 09:411 min read
uzbekistan foreign crypto exchange policy
Crypto Policy News
Uzbekistan Policy Change: Blocking Access to Foreign Crypto Exchanges

Uzbekistan blocks access to foreign crypto exchanges over unregistered trading.

15.08.2022 13:221 min read
Crypto Policy News
China’s Social Media Platform WeChat Bans Accounts Related to Crypto and NFTs

The most popular social media platform in China, WeChat, will ban all accounts that offer crypto and NFT services on the platform. This also includes secondary NFT trading. Between May and September last year, the Chinese government started to enforce a phased ban on the crypto sector. This followed a joint statement issued by the […]

21.06.2022 16:131 min read
Crypto Policy News
Nigeria equates cryptocurrencies to securities

The Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has published new rules for regulating cryptocurrencies and equated them to securities.

16.05.2022 08:441 min read
Crypto Policy News
Coinbase Introduces new compliance tools

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched a line of anti-illegal transactions and regulatory compliance products.

02.05.2022 09:351 min read
georgia limiting mining
Crypto Policy NewsMining News
Georgia Might Start Limiting Industrial-Scale Mining To Avoid Power Deficit

Georgia has been one of the Bitcoin mining paradises because the country is rich in hydropower, it has quick and efficient business procedures, and is conveniently located on the crossroad between Europe and Asia.  Around half of the total mining capacity in Georgia is at an industrial level but the country is also home to […]

22.02.2022 20:542 min read
estonia doesnt ban crypto
Crypto Policy News
The New AML Amendment In Estonia Raises Concerns, The Authorities Claim It Doesn’t Ban Crypto

Estonian government drafted a new amendment that addresses the Virtual Asset Service Providers, which alarmed the crypto industry.

12.01.2022 15:453 min read
poland launch cbdc
Crypto Policy News
Poland: Banks On Their Way to Launch CBDC

Polish Banks announce their efforts to launch CBDC: Poland begins to open to new cryptocurrency via public banks.

12.01.2022 08:072 min read
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