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Even people who don’t know much or anything about cryptocurrency have heard about mining crypto. It’s a widely known fact that mining can bring profit, but what is it exactly? In short, due to, wouldn’t you guess it, the cryptographic nature of cryptocurrency, users’ computers need to solve complex equations to verify the blocks on the blockchain. As they work on this, they create new coins in the process. To motivate users to do this, they receive mining rewards in the form of transaction fees paid by other users, as well as some of the coins they helped create.

To be a proficient crypto miner, you need to know about the right hardware and software to use, as well as to have developed mining strategies. And you can be sure our Mining News delivers reliable info on all these aspects. Additionally, you should be aware of when an event called Bitcoin Halving will occur, as after every 210,000 bitcoin blocks are mined, the block rewards are cut in half. Therefore, you might also want to check out our Halving calendar.

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