Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit 2023

Redefine the future of finance with key crypto players on Blockchain Economy Summit in Dubai

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Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre
Mar 8 — Mar 9, 2023

Main info

Blockchain Summit is a highly anticipated event of great social networking and educational value. With a top of fun.

Take a look at past Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit 2022 numbers:

✅ 74 Countries

✅ 3,000+ Attendees Registered

✅ 110 Journalists

✅ 650+ Projects Captured

✅ 17,211 hrs Content Watched

This time, the stakes are even higher. The seventh edition of the Blockchain Economy Summit will take place in Dubai on March 8-9, 2023, with the world’s leading cryptocurrency companies and blockchain entrepreneurs. Today, the UAE is gearing up to become a global crypto hub, particularly Dubai. As such, the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit will be the region’s premier gathering on behalf of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, with a wide range of topics focused on future financial technologies.

And the speakers are not simple at all. At the last summit, to the surprise of many, Robot showed up. His official title is Titan the Robot, BE Summit Ambassador and King of the Robots. Just take a look.

Mere mortals will be there, too. For example, Tim Draper from Draper Associates, Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy, and Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon. You can find a complete list on the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit website.

One more remarkable feature is both for spectators and NFT creators. Blockchain Economy Summit is bringing the NFT gallery:

We offer talented NFT artists an opportunity to present their digital Art in front of 3,000 crypto enthusiasts from 60 countries. Not a small number of NFT events have been taking place since the outbreak of this technology. But here is our difference: none of the previous NFT events had this big and global audience for you to present your Artwork.

If you are an NFT Artist:

-Looking for a bigger audience
-Looking to have in-person meetings with NFT marketplace representatives
-Aiming to create a meaningful network with other NFT artists

You should definitely join us.

Two-day price for one digital screen(55″) rental is 800 USD. You are allowed to display 3 NFT artworks on one screen.

Pre-registration is open, and it’s free. Don’t miss out!

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