Crypto Summit 2023 in Zurich, Switzerland

Regaining trust and advancing technology

Crypto Summit 2023 Zurich
Hyatt Circle at ZRH airport
Jan 16 — Jan 16, 2023

Main info

The CryptoSummit conference, held annually in Zurich, is recognized as the oldest and most prominent event of its kind in Europe. Since its launch in 2017, it has maintained its status as the premier crypto conference in Zurich.

This year, the conference is wrapped around the context of the World Economic Forum, where the world’s movers and shakers are making important decisions about the future of global society.

Yessin Schieg from the Near Foundation, speaks about the conference:

Crypto Summit is one of the best conferences in Europe – perfect for both crypto enthusiasts and institutional investors.

Eric LarchevêqueLedger CEO, Eric Larchevêq, adds:

I’m always deeply impressed by the turnout and caliber of discussions at the annual Crypto Summit.

The caliber of discussions is indeed impressive. Following the last year’s painful collapses, Crypto Summit this year aims to bring trust back to the industry and how not to fall for it and keep building.
As well as the speakers’ list, including Cardano, eToro, Coinbase, eToro, and Mastercard.

This year’s topics are divided into subcategories:

Technology & Society
Regaining trust in the crypto industry
FTX collapse – lessons learned
Regulatory tightening as risk and opportunity
The state of institutional adoption
Our future: deep state or network state

Ethereum key achievements, 2023 roadmap, and price predictions
The evolution of Layer-2 scaling solutions
DeFi (Decentralized Finance) – fixing the trust
Web 3.0: digital identity and peer-to-peer communication systems
NFT: from art over fashion to record of anything on the blockchain

Global macro & crypto outlook 2023
Best Investment strategies during bear market
Tech investments beyond crypto: AI
Winners and losers of the crypto winter
Institutional move into crypto: where do we stand today

Crypto Investment Master class
4-hour-crash course on digital assets
What is safe custody and key security measures
Digital asset investments for wealth managers
Infrastructure and tools for asset managers
How to earn yield from staking

Business master class
The Crypto winter survival guide
Funding strategies for crypto startups
Exchange listings and market makers
How to secure VC funding
Nasdaq IPO: lessons learned

There are two types of tickets; one is for 290 CHF, and another is for 650 CHF. The difference is with the second one; you’ll get access to a VIP speaker area and a special dinner. Both tickets, however, are securing the masterclass spaces.

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