NFT Show Europe 2023

Web3, blockchain, digital art and metaverse meeting point in Europe

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City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain
Jul 14 — Jul 15, 2023

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NFT Show Europe is a leading conference to bring together web3, digital art, blockchain, and metaverse experts. This experience mesmerizes visitors with a world of experimental and interactive art and primes a perfect networking scenario.

NFT Show Europe is building a stunning world-class show for the second edition, happening again in Valencia, Spain. This time in the city’s green heart – the City of Arts and Sciences.

International conferences, digital art exhibitions, networking, blockchain technology, NFT collectibles, music, games, and more.

Blockchain experts, investors, NFT artists, illustrators, OGs, early adopters, universities, digital art enthusiasts, and collectors.

Market, trends, new technology, art, law, blockchain, metaverse, gaming

The primary goal of the event is to foster international collaboration among attendees. It’s all surrounded by NFT galleries and digital art featuring world-class artists using the most advanced technologies of our time. More than 3,000 participants have already registered for #NFTSE waitlist.

With an international audience of 59 countries and over 2,300 attendees during NFT Show Europe 2022, the conference anticipates significant growth, solidifying #NFTSE as the premier meeting place for web3-related companies and experts, blockchain innovators, data analysts, investors, early adopters, digital artists, and collectors.

Patrick Cyrus, Marketing Manager of NFT Show Europe 2022, said:

Visitors will have the chance to jump into virtual reality or participate in the creation of collaborative works with some of today’s most sought-after artistsThey can use custom #NFTSE22 AR filters, experience metaverse installations, or mint exclusive interactive NFTs. It’s a celebration of today’s latest innovations and the place where tomorrow’s key collaborations will be made.

Join the #NFTSE waitlist and get early access and an exclusive discount for the next edition!

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