Tingl exhibition at Blockchain expo

Meet the creators of the web3 secure messaging app Tingl at Blockchain Expo in London

tingl exhibition at blockchain expo
London, Olympia, stand 1a
Dec 1 — Dec 2, 2022

Main info

Tingl is a secure messenger for web3 natives to bolster privacy standards while making it fun to chat.

Some of the tingle core strengths:

 ✅ no risk of the account being “canceled” a few years from now

 ✅ non-moderated accounts and content

✅  creative authors’ IP rights respected

✅ personalized and anonymous virtual identities

 ✅ communication beyond basic emojis and stickers that entertains

✅ end-to-end encryption. Messages maintain the properties of the Off the Record (OTR) messaging protocol.

More on the latter: free your creative expression by making your pack of stickers. If you are a tingl community member, creativity is only encouraged.

Apart from owning your data and stickers, tingl allows you to choose the look of an app yourself. A significant improvement compared to web2 messengers.

Well, there’s no story without crypto. You’ll be able to receive and send assets directly in the app. Plus, you’ll be able to reward your favorite content creators. Wink to creators. And don’t forget that we all can be creators. On tingl.

And no app will ask for your phone number again. It can be frustrating. Tingl uses pseudonymous public keys that aren’t linked to any other identifier.

On the Blockchain Expo Global at Olympia London:

Blockchain Expo will bring representatives from key industries worldwide to discuss and debate top-level material over two days at 6 joint events, including IoT (Co-Locating 5G), AI & Big Data, Cyber Security & Cloud, Edge Computing, and Digital Transformation Week.

It will feature cutting-edge technologies from more than 200 exhibitors. 250 speakers who will share their unparalleled industry knowledge and real-world experience. Around 6000 participants will attend to share their insights and their products.

Tickets to attend all sessions at Blockchain Expo Global are free! 

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