SCOPE Art Basel Miami 2022

The world-renowned international contemporary art show SCOPE returns to Miami for a beachfront exhibition.

SCOOP Art Basel Miami 2022
SCOPE Miami Beach Pavillion, FL
Nov 29 — Dec 4, 2022

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Having held more than 85 art exhibitions in 20 years, the SCOPE Art Show exhibited in Miami, New York, and Basel is considered a leading showcase for international contemporary art and multidisciplinary creative programs.

Known for its exceptional ability to predict new visual trends that find global acclaim, SCOPE has received widespread critical acclaim, with combined sales in the billions and attendance in the millions.

SCOPE is a leader in experimental storytelling through their flagship program, The New Contemporary. SCOPE strives to make art and technology accessible, making a crucial contribution to attracting global and local brands through monumental art acts.

This year, thanks to a collaboration with Creative Artist Agency (CAA) and YellowHeart, NFTs tickets to show are available.

NFT tickets are divided into Platinum and General VIP tickets. The minted tokens will feature unique works of art dedicated to SCOPE’s New Contemporary program, which features artists who define our cultural landscape in various creative disciplines. The limited-edition tickets are already on sale at YellowHeart Market and include works by Mason Rothschild and Cool Cats.

Furthermore, at SCOOP, you’ll be able to see SUPERCHIEF NFT sculptures. Time To Be Happy 00:01 is a collaborative project of BENZI, curated by GMONEY and presented by SUPERCHIEF GALLERY NFT. In the process, BENZI turns an incredibly rare 100-year-old IBM punch clock into sculptural canvases for iconic artists Jen Stark, Jake Freed, Micah Johnson, Ron English, Brian Brinkman, Jack Butcher, and Swoon. These legends have come together to create works of art that tell their stories of craftsmanship, travel, and inspiration.

Another web3 participant is VaynerX, the metaverse gateway. V token event will transport guests to the future and give them an unforgettable experience: they can explore immersive installations during the day and then enjoy electric entertainment all night long. The event is presented by Johnnie Walker and includes programs from St. Jude Children’s Hospital, AXE, One37PM, Coinbase, and PepsiCo.

In the end, the attendants may enjoy The Future Party. This special event, presented by Magic Eden and Polygon, celebrates the passionate communities in the NFT world. Interact with leading creatives and web3-persons as they discuss the massive changes in the landscape and the blueprint for upcoming events. Enjoy unique NFT artworks available for minting in the Media Lounge.

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