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Brainless Spikes are an awesome ape breed that will blow up the NFT global market. We are the first ever animated 3D collection to create a Disney quality animation series with our NFT community.

Brainless Spikes

19 Nov, 2022
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Imagine a world where you can combine your love of movies with the desire to make money. A place that offers an immersive viewing experience, but doesn’t require any commitment or hard work from its owner! Well, thanks Brainless Spikes for providing this opportunity, because what they’re talking about is truly mesmerizing – not just in terms of entertainment value, though we’re sure there’s plenty going around, but in terms of having fun while making some extra cash too, right? 

The Brainless Spikes are a new breed of ape that is quickly gaining popularity in the world of NFTs. These creatures are living on the Ethereum blockchain and are organized into a 2,600-strong collection. The community and holders of Brainless Spikes will work alongside Marvel, Sony, Blizzard, and Netflix artists to develop the production of the Spike series. The final product will then be sold to a massive broadcast platform like Netflix or HBO.

In addition to the income from the sale of the series, holders of Brainless Spikes will also receive lifetime income from the project. This makes holding Brainless Spikes an incredibly lucrative investment opportunity. If you’re looking for a way to get involved in the world of NFTs, then Brainless Spikes is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.

In a world where entertainment is evolving at an unprecedented pace, Firelight Entertainment has taken on the task of providing users with access to high-quality video content. As part of our philanthropic efforts in supporting this cause, we have established 50% benefits for all NFT productions made by us, as well as every audiovisual project shared through your favorite social media channel! It’s easy: just send some tokens over once you’ve downloaded or installed their app onto any mobile device, and that’s it!

With their new Web3 animation series, Brainless Spikes looks to give back and take it one step further by empowering the community of holders. The avatars in the collection will be the main characters that we love from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, as well other popular properties such Netflix’s Stranger Things or Sony Pictures Entertainment films like Spiderman: Homecoming!

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