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Dope Deerz is a utility-focused and community-based NFT collection with dope art.

Dope Deerz

06 Nov, 2022
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Almost all exchanges have launched their marketplaces. Instagram is introducing NFTs into their app too. All this news is in contrast to the reduced community interest. And Dope Deerz also disagrees with this.

Dope Deerz is a utility-focused and community-based NFT collection with dope art. Vision aims to build a brand that pushes innovation in the web3 space while adding consistent value for holders who will enjoy an asset with high integrity, low volatility & Store of Value (SoV). Vision gives you what most others don’t: a real return on your investment through long-term profits and genuine creativity.

This project has always had one mission: to create a win-win ecosystem for all three parties involved. The community leads the decisions and implementation of those plans, with holders being first in line every step along the way! As we shape this space into something great together—you’ll be able to watch everything unfold transparently from the start on Dope Deerz.

Dope Deerz is always looking for new ways to make money and they are not going anywhere. The internet has created an abundant world of opportunities, but it can be hard knowing what’s really worth your time – especially when there are so many possibilities out there! That’s why the team spends hours every day evaluating which possibilities will actually help them to achieve success, rather than just wasting precious seconds on something that might work… But don’t worry, because you need someone with vision who knows how trends evolve before they happen, so come join forces today.

The team has years of experience in the blockchain and tech industries. They want to create an ecosystem that grows holders, projects they own, as well as the web3 space at once by distributing Lucky Boxes across all stakeholders. 10% will go towards royalty revenue, while 90% is reserved for Aptos Rewards holders who have been loyal participants throughout this journey so far! There are also blue chip NFTs coming your way, plus more surprises on top, but you’ll need a box first if interested because those come with guaranteed dividends.

Dope Deerz is a dope new NFT mint that launched! You can use it to create and mint your own dope NFTs. Check it out now!

Rating Mint price Supply Status Dates Title Title
0.3 APTOS 6666 Upcoming 06 Nov, 2022 value value
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