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Fitness Fiends is a collection of 6,666 fitness-loving fiends working out on the Ethereum blockchain. Each fiend doubles up as your membership card granting a whole array of real-world benefits, the first of which will be free membership to a Fitness Fiends gym located in London.

Fitness Fiends

30 Oct, 2022
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Fitness Fiends is excited to announce the launch of its NFT mint! Fitness fanatics can now create and trade their very own fitness-themed NFTs.

In a bear market, NFTs have lost people’s interest. Real connoisseurs are quite picky about each collection. Even newcomers to the field know that an NFT without utility is worthless. This is the case. Here is the idea, the utilities and the motivation timprove dailyay. We all remember STEPN. Fitness Fiends is a breakthrough only in the NFT market.

With our new NFT mint, you’ll be able to:

– Create unique fitness-themed NFTs.

– Trade your NFTs with other fitness fiends.

– Use your NFTs to access exclusive fitness benefits and discounts.

Fitness Fiends is an innovative new fitness club that offers its memberships to the general public at large, but grants free access to all those who hold an NFT. Why? Well, because they want everyone in this world able and willing to take care of their health! An extraordinary piece like no other awaits within The Fitness Aid’s collection: 6666 different NFTs.

Each fitness NFT is unique. They’re made up of 150 traits ranging from facial expressions to fitness equipment. Each one costs 0.09 Ether (ETH) during the public sale on December 4th, 2022, but you can gain early access by visiting the “Light Workout” area and working out, while 48 hours are given for free with 30%.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today and create your very own fitness-themed NFT!

Rating Mint price Supply Status Dates Title Title
Free 6666 Upcoming 30 Oct, 2022 value value
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