Jenkins the Vallet puzzles gamified NFT drop

Jenkins the Vallet Podcast NFTs

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Jenkins the Vallet expands storytelling with a new NFT drop

Jenkins the Vallet Podcast NFTs

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The original BAYC’s Jenkin the Vallet: The Writers Room NFT collection of 6942 NFTs was sold out on OpenSea. Rejoice, fans, because Jenkin is up to bringing more.

Quick summary of The Writers Room collection:

Unlike PFPs, the usability of Jenkin’s NFTs is quite simple yet intriguing. The collection served as a portal, authenticated by Web3 members only, allowing holders to vote and creatively direct the stories that define the metaverse. A pass to the writer’s room allows them to license characters for stories, vote on the strategic and creative direction of what is being created, and be inscribed as an author and creator in every piece.

The new one, Podcast NFTs, is a part of the new 8-episode podcast just announced by Jenkins the Vallet on Twitter. Audio puzzles and a much deeper level of engagement!

Jenkin states:

After listening to an episode, you’ll be able to take your NFT to a dedicated website for the Podcast. Upon connecting your wallet and verifying that you own a Podcast NFT, you’ll be presented with an embedded audio puzzle pertaining to that unique episode.

If you guessed correctly, your NFT will update dynamically to reflect your correct answers. You’ll even earn extra points based on how quickly you answered. You’ll start to see your place on the leaderboard!

“Each audio puzzle will be a collaboration between a team of professional puzzle makers and our partners at SALT. We’re excited about the intersection between storytelling and token-gated gamification and look forward to pioneering this trend with the Writer’s Room!”

The ability to trade, buy and sell NFTs stays with the user. Additionally, the team prepared prizes for the most curious ones.

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TBA TBA Upcoming 01 Jan, 2200 value value
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