Pals Universe by Sean Webster: Free Mint

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The Pals are a collection of 4,444 1/1 hand-drawn NFTs by street artist Sean Webster

Pals Universe by Sean Webster: Free Mint

11 Nov, 2022
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“In the beginning there was nothing.” The first sentence of this story is captivating and sets a mood that will keep you interested throughout.

Sean Webster is a 20-year-old who has been making waves in the art world for years now. He was an Instagram Arts Ambassador and Liverpool Artist of the Year Finalist, which gave him plenty of opportunities to showcase his talent, with his works owned by Robbie Williams among others! 

Sean’s murals can be seen all over his hometown Liverpool as well; one of them proudly hangs across Strawberry Field where Andy Warhol stepped foot onto British soil before flying off again on tour dates around Europe (and beyond). And not only does this talented artist paint landscapes or portraits but also illustrations focusing around self-acceptance, which were showcased during Molly McCann’s book launch event at BT Tower London.

Sean doesn’t shy away from his bad days. He believes in facing those negative thoughts – living through them without shame, or else channeling them for art! Thus, The Foes were born.

To be more specific about Sean’s influences: Keith Haring (a street artist and painter), Tim Burton (director), Walt Disney’s Dr. Seuss… Now imagine what kind of people this project supports. Let’s get to the more interesting part now 🙂

The Pals are the harbingers of a whole new wave of creative output. Their community is a safe space where everyone has an equal voice and equal stake. Every one of us has a Pal within and we are here to hear it sing!

The Pals are the post-pandemic, grey world’s newest reminder: there is still hope for our future. With each new day comes uncertainty and wariness but also creativity in all its forms – from art to science research or simply playing with children on a sunny afternoon; it doesn’t matter what you choose because their goal remains unchanged—to remind us that we’re not alone even when life feels like one big stormy night (or day).

The minting of “The Pal” takes place soon! Now everyone will have an opportunity at creative freedom through this movement which supports both personal pursuit.

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