Porche 911 NFT collection

Porche 911 NFT collection

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Porsche is coming up with a new, grander non-fungible endeavour

Porche 911 NFT collection

09 Jan, 2023
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Major automakers continue to explore the generous offering of web3, and luxury car brand Porsche is no exception. After recently entering the NFT space by providing premium car owners with a digital authentication badge, Porsche is embarking on a new and more significant endeavor.

The first official NFT collection of 7,500 items, based on the classic Porsche 911, invites participants on an exciting web3 journey dedicated to collaborative creativity and community. The collection is scheduled for release in January 2023.

The inaugural collection, which will be part of a long-term, large-scale web3 campaign, is created by renowned Hamburg-based designer and 3D artist Patrick Vogel. Each token of the collection will be a personalized 3D asset developed on Unreal Engine 5. After the 911 Porsche NFT is minted, holders will be offered different personalization options depending on their chosen road. For example, Porsche will provide holders with one of the following three routes:

Performance. A universe bursts with adrenaline and high performance inspired by the Le Mans or Dakar racing experience.
Legacy. A journey into Porsche’s famous past, full of thoughtful details, breakthrough solutions, and bold design solutions.
Lifestyle. A ticket to a luxurious lifestyle full of fun, stunning scenery, breathtaking art, and glamorous nightclubs.

Porsche 911 NFT owners will have to choose their route to help shape the design of their individual NFTs. While each of the three routes embodies a particular aspect of Porsche’s signature style, the owner’s choice of path will be crucial to both the overall design of the NFT and its benefits.

According to Porsche, NFT owners will have access to “an inspiring community, specially selected, as well as the opportunity to co-create the future of Porsche in the web3 space.”

Pay tribute to the history of the cutting-edge automaker and get web3 and real-world benefits behind the virtual wheel of the Porsche 911.

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