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The Treasury NFT

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Von Wolfe, the artist behind the collection, says about the Treasury NFTs: “In my latest artworks, I attempt to retrodict European classical narratives presenting them as operands subject to change.”

In other words, these Treasury NFTs are of a particular kind. It is an art project of 7,500 distinctive and sophisticated digitally crafted pieces. Each creation is unique and intricately sculpted, cross-referencing and transforming the most outstanding artworks throughout history.

Within the project are beautifully rendered high-resolution 2D images created in 3D software.

The creations in TREASURY are made with complete homogeneity in mind. The concept of each work is built around a central symmetrical axis and fits perfectly in three dimensions down the centre with every other work in the collection; conceptually creating a binding breadth between the whole TREASURY community.

After the mint, the team promised to bring an educational series with curated guest speakers about art, history, and its relevance to web3.

After launching, the focus shall be on building the brand of TREASURY. They aim to expand TREASURY’s provenance through their curatorial reach of the works with physical large-scale screen events in both the NFT space and the contemporary art world.

The team will create a series of full-scale shows of selected works from the TREASURY project with their partners in central London and Rome, and New York locations. Treasury also hinted at further collaborations with selected prestigious brands.

Congratulations, you are eligible to register for the TREASURY waitlist! Registering for the waitlist doesn’t guarantee a spot to mint – however, the waitlist sale shall launch directly after the allowlist mint. The benefits of the waitlist are that it shall be the same price as the allowlist mint.

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TBA 7500 Upcoming 01 Jan, 2200 value value
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