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Together with folks from Subsocial, we organized a Spacer pod NFT contest and can now pronounce the lucky winners of Spacer capsules with specially designed TradeCrypto patches. With TRADECRYPTO code, Twitter users bemtikru_mitch, RoroOcp, jolki878, and FinTwitAbs can unlock their capsule, wherein they’ll find a Spacer NFT, as well as the items to equip the Spacer with.

Each Spacer has a unique body and combination of equipment. They differ based on rarity: Marine, Officer, Captain, and Admiral, each with a different number of equipment slots (from 6 to 9). Now it’s time for our winners to open the capsule and see just what they’ve received.

Afterwards, you can sell the equipment or buy additional pieces thanks to the RMRK 2.0 NFT standard. But Spacers are not just suitable as PFP (profile picture) or awesome digital artwork NFTs, as they also give you a say in participating and guiding the community, being the champions of free speech they are.

Namely, the story is that, in the distant future, the world is ruled by megacorporations and democracy is a thing of the past. Until one day, spacers are sent by the Galactic Council to liberate the downtrodden minds of humanity.

These NFTs also have a utility function in the Subsocial blockchain, a layer 1 Kusama chain designed for social networking. The features they provide include a free NRG token every day, improved visibility of messages, the ability to register a .spacer domain, and more. Subsocial’s goal behind the Spacers NFT collection is to gather projects and communities in the Dotsama ecosystem for collaboration, and our lucky winners can join the positive cause!

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