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ZMove is a new move-to-earn game built on Zilliqa blockchain. Faster, stronger, healthier.


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15.000 Genesis shoe boxes

Main info

ZMOVE is a move-to-earn game built on the Zilliqa blockchain for people looking to combine business with pleasure. The essence of the game is simple: users start moving by selecting one of the modes: walk-run, bike, and checkpoint, and earn MUV and ZRUN tokens. Zmove created an application with a user-friendly interface that records your workout data using GPS. You can easily download it via the official website guide. The app tracks the information about exercises, the distance covered, the number of calories burned, and the number of steps.

To participate, you need to buy a pair of special NFT shoes. They vary based on several attributes: Efficiency, Stamina, and Fever.
The more Efficiency, the more MUV and ZRUN tokens you receive for the movement performed within a minute.
The more Stamina the shoes have, the more checkpoints they can pass.
The higher the Fever, the more often you get one extra minute of movement.

Sneakers are traditionally associated with running, but in Zmove, you can also ride a bike. If you’re a cyclist, this is a good option. To earn MUV and ZRUN tokens, it doesn’t matter what pair of sneakers you wear; you must maintain a speed of 6-20 km/h.

The competition mode is part of the Zmove ecosystem. The competition will occur in real-time, with 3 to 10 participants at a time. Tokens accumulated during the match will be collected into a pool, after which they will be distributed among the winners.

The project also provides the option of staking. If you can not train, stake your NFT on the Zmove application to receive passive income. The user can select the stake term from one month to 12 months.

Zmove tokenomics: ZRUN is the Governing token with a total supply of 500,000,000. Part of the tokens will be allocated to the team, advisors, investors, and the ecosystem. ZRUN tokens can be listed on DEXs and CEXs.

NFT Marketplace: A 3.5% fee applies to all NFT trades on the in-app NFT marketplace.

Rating Mint price Supply Status Dates Title Title
TBA 15.000 Genesis shoe boxes Active 01 Jan, 2200 value value
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