AngelBlock (THOL) Platform Launch

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AngelBlock is a Crypto and FinTech investment platform connecting investors with noteworthy startups with a focus on early-stage investments.

AngelBlock (THOL) Platform Launch Release

31 Oct, 2022

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Rather than just being a funding platform, Angelblock wants to create an environment where startups and investors can come together. They plan on making this possible by creating spaces for discussion between users and providing resources like advice from successful companies in similar industries or tips about how fundraising has worked best. And they do this all while supporting each other’s endeavors through open communication channels protected heavily against cyberattacks because they’re private!

By creating an incentivized platform, we’ll be able to provide communities with the latest information on startup growth and usage of funds long after fundraising ends. The key elements that will be facilitated include startup activity audits from the community’s perspective as well as security checks, so they stay compliant with the legislation, while also being helpful for new entrepreneurs who might want some advice before launching their own businesses out into the world! All these things, plus feedback about user experience, are supported by blockchain technology.

Many companies are raising funds these days. But with so many projects coming out, it’s hard for any individual or group of people to keep up without access to the right information—and that can be difficult if you don’t know where and how to invest your money properly! That’s why we’re proud Angel Block will provide its users an investment opportunity by allowing shares from startup ventures, which have been successfully funded through our platform, and future rounds offered during each fundraising event. This gives qualified investors a chance at getting in before others do, while also helping them increase their portfolios should they want to.

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