Sweat Economy has made waves with its Sweat Wallet app, the biggest move-2-earn project out there. It’s a great idea: earn a small amount of $SWEAT while walking, making exercise more appealing in the process. But now, Sweat Economy has stepped up its game, with the launch of Sweat Hero. It’s an NFT game featuring a sink token mechanism that’s free for everyone to play.

Sweat Hero is integrated into the good old Sweat Wallet, meaning you can snatch up a free NFT that provides access to the game and gets upgraded according to your activities. At the same time, users will keep receiving $SWEAT when walking. Another motivational factor to keep you exercising is the option to compete with other users by swapping $SWEAT for purses of Battle Coins.

As for the sink token mechanism, these Battle Coins have a key role in maintaining the Sweat ecosystem. Namely, as players swap $SWEAT for coins, there will be less liquid and idle tokens in the ecosystem. This is combined with a 20% Battle Fee that Sweat Economy will hold as a continuous token sink. The idea is for Sweat to distance itself from projects utilizing Ponzi schemes and create a sustainable ecosystem that will foster the growth of Sweat Hero.

All in all, Sweat Hero is quite an exciting project. Not only are the users encouraged to do something healthy, but the unique approach of Sweat Economy makes it stand out brightly. The game doesn’t make you buy an expensive NFT to participate, has no traces of the pay-to-earn philosophy, and comes with innovative tokenomics to keep the ecosystem thriving. All that’s left is to put on your favorite pair of shoes and start walking! Learn more about Sweat Hero and join the game here.

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