Theta Network (THETA) Mainnet 4.0 Launch

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Theta Network (THETA) Mainnet 4.0 Launch Release

01 Dec, 2022

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Scalability is everything. It would seem that the race is over and the fastest networks have already emerged. And their competitors are characterized by increased security. Combining all of this is not an easy task. In this post, we will talk about THETA and their solution to this issue.

Metachain is the foundation of Theta Network’s multi-chain architecture, consisting of three key components: Metachain Core, Resource Chain, and Data Chain.

Metachain Core is the network backbone. It processes transactions and blocks quickly and efficiently, having the ability to process thousands of transactions per second with subsecond block finalization time.

The Resource Chain is a side chain that provides computational resources, such as storage and bandwidth, to the Metachain Core. This enables the network to scale horizontally without sacrificing decentralization or security.

Theta Metachain is an interconnected network of blockchains, a “chain made up by many chains”. It will allow permissionless horizontal scaling involving THETAs in order to achieve potentially unlimited transactional throughput and subsecond block finalization times for Web3 businesses that deal with media & entertainment content, such as video streaming sites or social networks specializing in this topic area (e.g. Twitter). This enables tailor-made, highly scalable blockchain technology suited to emerging industries like these, where user traffic grows exponentially while staying within tight budgets. Theta Metachain also offers flexibility when designing smart contracts.

With the Theta mainnet, developers can now create subchains that provide an easy-to-use SDK for launching their own chains and plugging them into an already existing network. This means they will be able to infinitely scale processing power with endless possibilities! 

Developers don’t need any approval as they’re permissionless in where these new networks go, and all access is through developer tools like documentation on how you may build upon this platform yourself. More importantly, clients’ dreams come true because there’s no limit to what kind of application someone can make using such technology.

The upgrade includes various other fixes, code refactoring for both platforms, as well as an implementation of a subchain ID mapping mechanism, so they can support potentially thousands of additional subchains following this hard fork.

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