Decentalized video content for all. Joystream is a platform empowering creators, users, and builders.

JOY Mainnet Launch

10 December 2022

Mainnet is the network where real token balances will be launched on a fully developed system and community, where the people involved are ready and able to take full stewardship of the protocol and direct it for the future.

Once the main network is launched, Joystream will compete for a Polkadot parachain slot. Joystream is currently on its 14th, the last testnet chain. Joystream will be decentralized and governed entirely by token holders. It’s crucial to attract long-term, high-value contributors for the project to grow.

Joystream is a video platform and L1 blockchain. Following the principles of the creators economy, the team is working to bring video streaming to a new level via decentralized instruments. Creators can sell their art via NFTs, changing their channels to directly earn income without third parties. Participants will be paid in native JOY tokens by Joysteam DAO based on video performance.

Video NFTs. You can sell your videos via NFTs to collect and set royalties if you want to add a profit. Creators can define the royalties themselves to get them after every NFT sale.

This platform is also a good deal for the viewers. Users can detect promising creators and support them, simultaneously getting a portion of their revenue.

As for user-creator bonding, creators can also share their income with selected viewers.

Furthermore, Joystream is a blockchain that allows developers to build other applications on, opening up opportunities to create decentralized versions of video applications we are already used to, as well as completely new video applications.

A thesis from Joystream DAO manifesto: We believe that creativity, whether it’s literature, music, film, games, or performance, is an essential tool for disseminating collective knowledge among community members. These means of expression determine shared values and ultimately shape a common culture, value system, and even political vector. Therefore, the sources and methods of financing them, as well as how they are disseminated, play a crucial role.

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