Coinbase releases new “Moving America Forward” ad campaign

This week, the largest crypto exchange in the U.S. is launching a national advertising campaign Crypto: Moving America Forward. Its goal is to introduce Americans to cryptocurrency, explain how it works, and convince them of the tremendous opportunities in the industry.

In a May 22 company blog post, Coinbase said the new ad is intended to remind the U.S. that cryptocurrencies are becoming a central part of the global financial infrastructure and that U.S. global economic leadership and national security are at risk if it doesn’t ride the wave of development.

The campaign consists of 4 chapters featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, with a new chapter released each week. They’ll air on popular Sunday shows on TV, with a series of news stories airing during the NBA playoffs.

Coinbase has already released a video with Brian Armstrong saying cryptocurrencies aren’t going anywhere and that America should embrace the technology and create a clear set of rules:

The release of the ads comes amidst Coinbase and SEC over the introduction of rules. Coinbase, through the court, has repeatedly asked SEC to establish new clear rules for the cryptocurrency sector, but SEC responded that this isn’t the time and that industry players should follow the rules already in place.

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The first chapter of the campaign, titled “The History of Money Initiative,” will show the history “from goats in 10,000 B.C. to crypto today” with an armored money truck traveling through New York City as a mobile billboard to show how inefficiently money moves today.

The second one, “Stand With Crypto Day,” will promote the event on July 19 in Washington D.C, where members of the crypto industry will lobby their respective members of Congress for crypto-friendly policies.

The next two ads, “Real People Using Crypto for Real Needs” and “The State of Crypto Summit,” will show the ways in which individuals are using cryptocurrencies to become economically independent. These ads will also promote an upcoming Coinbase event that will take place in New York on June 22.

According to Google Finance, shares of Coinbase Global Inc. are up 7.56% in the last 24 hours and are at $61.07 at the time of writing.


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